If your child would like to take part in our Festival groups then please see Mrs Cantan in the first instance on t: 01428 652360 or haparts@nullaol.com

We will be choreographing new festival dances on Saturdays as well as revisiting existing dances. However, no details of forthcoming festivals have been received yet.

Haslemere Performing Arts – British Arts

The following are items that would have been invited to perform in the 2020 Finals:

Baby Section Imogen & Gracie (Classical Duet)
Junior Novice

Isobel C (Drama)

Efa & Isobel (Classical Duet, Modern Duet)

Junior Medal Adrienne (Song & Dance)
Inter. Novice Isobel K (Character)
Maisie (Drama)
Inter. Medal Toula (Tap, National, Drama)
Toula & Isobel K (Modern Duet)
Advanced Saskia (Ballet)
Maryam (National)
Anna & Saskia (Modern Duet)

British Arts – Festival Groups

BLG1 “Annie” (Baby Classical)
BLG2 “Let’s Fly A Kite” (Baby Modern)
JLG2 “Russian Dance” (Junior National)
JLG3 “War Of The Worlds” (Junior Modern)
SLG3 “Lost Without You” (Senior Modern)
SLG4 “Memories Re-Lived” (Senior Character)
SSG1 “Waltz Time” (Senior Small Ballet)
ASG3 “Make A Change” / “Come From Away” (Advanced Small Modern)
ASG4 “Recovery” (Advanced Small Character)
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